Who am I

MMMEEEEEEEI am a young boy turning 11, and goes to a catholic school also the oldest kid at school amazon photo app herunterladen.

I’m quite a sporty person playing basketball, mini-ball, soccer, cricket and karate.

I could be quite lazy sometimes, but not at school because my teacher’s a spear-fisherman so he’d get us to run heaps and playing heaps of sports and games steamvr herunterladen.

Once I’m lazy, bored or tired I’d start playing playstation. I’ve always been wanting a PS3, theres this boy at school whose been saying that the X-BOX 360 is better than the PS3, just because he thinks that the X-BOX 360 has 1/2 the power of an atomic bomb.I think that’s crap acsi appen. The PS3 has 60GB of memory, unlike the X-BOX 360 has 20GB.It sucks how my dad’s going to buy himself a PS3, my friends and I say that’s cruel zahnarzt spiele kostenlos herunterladen.

My friend at school is crazy, (it’s either crazy or insane) well sometimes)he thinks he’s vandalising the school by doing graffiti on the ground with water from his drink bottle windows vista downloaden gratis.

One of my friends say I need to get fat, I’ve been trying to, but I don’t seem to be ( it’s because I tried for a few hours) , I got so cramped up when I was sparring in karate sky qen. (Talking of being cramped up, beaten up or smashed describes  it better)

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