A hero is bored, a monster is born!

Many millenniums ago when the new world order had began there was a boy called alcohol who knew what was going on but does not how or what to poo. His mother a maggot his father a string of sausages brother mfc 5440cn treiber download kostenlos. But one day alcohol did an atomic fart and that day his mother never returned making alcohol as fat as ever before. Imagine your mother never returning, he remembered his friend snorting on him as he thought that he was weed, the worst thing that could possibly happen.(a friend with weed is a friend indeed) Later that week alcohol took driving to a new level, being only eleventy-seven years old, he decided to steal his headmasters Hummer H2 and drive back to his home to check everything was alright, butt everything was a sh*thole dump with everybody in town partying thinking that alcohol had died of boredom herunterladen. Later that evening, alcohol got a mini-gun and shot the f*cks out of all the pussies and got his chain-saw out and went on a chain-saw massacre. Going on a chain-saw massacre, this massacre is more violent than Jason Voorhees, sneakier than Sam Fisher, more satanic than Chuckie’s smile, more extreme than Leatherface more sadistic than Jigsaw and more gore than blah blah blah whatever, he managed to go overseas, Russia, England, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Africa, Hawaii and the list goes on i cloud voor windowsen. He is still innocent in heart but shows evil in his eyes and venom in his veins
Then that€™s how the legend of alcohol began. Alcohol is now added into drinks, which make people under alcohols command and gets them to go on rampages rmv app herunterladen. And now in the 21st century alcohol shall live forever in our wine and beer€¦€¦€¦.. and do not trust over 18s when they are under alcohols legs across herunterladen.

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