Siriusxm Customer Agreement

Our privacy policy regulates the handling of identifiable anonymous and personal information that we collect and find under when using our services, apps or website (the “website”). 2. Full agreement: This agreement represents the full agreement between your access and the use of the Service, Our Apps or the Website and may be modified by the unilateral modification of this Agreement and the publication by us of this amended version. If a provision is cancelled by a competent authority, that provision is removed or amended to the extent necessary and the rest of this agreement remains applicable. All specific conditions that expressly or by nature survive termination will remain until the full response. A waiver of any condition or violation of it, in one case, will not be such a waiver or a condition or subsequent violation of it. You must cancel your subscription during your months off to avoid any charges. After a free 3-month period, your subscription is automatically renewed and your credit card is debited each subsequent month at the current monthly price (currently $21.99/mb). There are fees and taxes. Please read our customer contract under for all conditions and how to cancel, including the SiriusXM call at 1-866-635-2349. U.S.

Music Royalty Fee: Packages containing music channels can be billed to the U.S. Music Royalty Fee. See Our privacy policy governs our management of the anonymous and personally identifiable information we collect when you use the services, our applications or our website (the “website”) and you are on Subscriptions are available in a large number of programming packages, and we call this agreement “packages.” Examples of our packages are “All Access,” “Select,” “Mostly Music,” “News, Talk – Sports” and “First Streaming.” Subscriptions are also available for a large number of recurring payment schedules, and we refer to them as “plans” in this agreement. Examples of our plans are “monthly,” “half-year,” “annual,” “Two years” and “three years.” Not all of our plans are available for all our packages. You have the right to change your package (z.B. from “Select” to “All Access”). You also have the right to change your plan (for example. B from a monthly plan to an annual plan). We reserve the right to modify, order, add or remove the contents of the service or package at any time without notice. A. HOW CANCEL: 1.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but this contract remains valid if you don`t do so within seven (7) days of starting your subscription. You have to call us to cancel your subscription. If you buy your subscription online and you live in certain countries and you can cancel it online under certain circumstances. Our phone numbers are as follows: We reserve the right to discharge these fees at our discretion.