Acronis Data Processing Agreement

In order to achieve RGPD compliance in the areas of data retention and protection (safeguarding), subcontractors and controllers should seek infrastructure and service solutions that meet the following technical requirements: These are the only circumstances in which a processing manager is required to respond to a person`s request to be forgotten. The RGPD requires processing managers to enter into agreements with their subcontractors that contain rules regarding the processing data of the processing manager. The RGPD obliges the person in charge of the treatment and not the subcontractor. Nevertheless, Acronis has prepared an RGPD-compliant computer addendum (DPA) for defenders with whom Acronis has an existing contract. The data protection authority reflects Acronis` obligation to assist processing managers in complying with their data protection rules. The Acronis data protection authority contains all the conditions and obligations imposed by the RGPD for contracts between controllers and processors, as well as between processors and subcontractors. It also includes standard contractual clauses for international data transfers from the EU/EEA/Switzerland. Any subcontractor that the processing manager uses is also required to assist in the event of “appropriate technical and organizational measures” to help them respect the human rights concerned. For other legal disclosures: we also provide information (i) if disclosure reduces Acronis` liability in an effective or threatened legal action; (ii) in order to protect the legal rights of Acronis, users, customers, sellers, counterparties or other interested parties; (iii) Take available remedies or limit damage; (iv) the implementation of our agreements; and (v) react in an emergency. There is no clear policy regarding the use of historical data, with the exception of the general directive, that all personal data must be used with the owner`s consent.

For example, if your company is based on data collected for a year-long value (web server protocols, order history, etc.), you can`t use it without having to accept all your data again. This can be difficult and even cost-effective for many organizations. The process would probably involve contacting each person in your databases and seeking permission to use their personal data for business purposes, for example. B to send marketing materials or new product offerings. Acronis` hybrid cloud architecture, total control of protected data, data encryption, reporting, anti-ransomware and the notary for backup integrity make Acronis an ideal partner for your RGPD privacy and compliance requirements. The world of computer threats to data security, both criminals and state actors, has also become increasingly sophisticated and threatening. Acronis stores customer data with its own Acronis Storage software storage solution with Acronis CloudRAID technology. Acronis Storage offers fast, universal, protected, efficient and proven memories that combine blocks, files and objectsworkloads. With our affiliates: We provide our related companies with personal data that processes personal data for purposes that correspond to the purposes described in this Privacy Statement or that are provided to you when your personal data is collected.

For example, we may share your contact information with our related companies as part of a list of participants. For more information on the CCAC and how you can exercise your consumer data protection rights, click here: in this privacy policy means (i) “treat” personal data to perform every transaction on the information, whether it acts in an automated manner. B, such as collection, registration, organization, storage, adaptation, use, disclosure, combination, deletion or destruction and (ii) personal data are data that