Walk to the Philippines

The ‘Walk to theĀ  Philippines’ is a fundraising thing where we have to walk from the a beach to our school, which is about 6.8 km, the kids we’re doing this fundraiser for are also doing a walk for us, except they have to walk twice as far! I’m just having a hard time typing right now because my hands still hurt from the walk. Good thing I brought two bottles of water (three including the one I got from the water stop), cookies, biscuits, sun screen and 6 bars of chocolate, I know the chocolate was a bit unnecessary, ok really unnecessary, but I just needed some energy along the way. When we came across the beach, I ended up having to carry a midget (he’s in my class) for 500m just ‘cuz he fell and tripped on his knee and also his bag was too heavy, lol. There were also a few things we came across along the way, cameras, and no not tv cameras, other schools, wannabe gangsters and speeding drivers in quiet streets. At the end of this whole walk, I just wanted to hijack a car and drive home, I don’t care if I was underage.