Surviving Rugby….

I respect those who play a fast, rough sport, but I’d never thought I’d be playing one…. Rugby. Have you ever seen the All Blacks go up against France, well these are one of the competitions I tend to fear the most, they’re both very strong teams, just seeing the state of the players after every game is pure scary mediathek zdf. Anyway, since it was only my first time, I was put in the second lowest team, but looks can be quite decieving, we are one helluva good team, we’ve beaten every team there is, even the school team one level higher than us office kostenlosen vollversion deutsch. I was hoping to finish the season untouched, but with rugby, it’s nearly impossible. It’s a miracle that I managed to get my first score in a winter sport on my third game to hard drive. I’m hoping next year I’ll be put in a higher team, I just need a bit more challenge, looks like carrying 15 players on my back isn’t enough free magazines download!